Monday, December 15, 2008

I am Toni Morrison's BITCH.

It is 3:15 the day before my final paper for English 200 is due, and instead of sleeping soundly in the knowledge that I planned accordingly and broke my work into little, managable segments to be done of the course of weeks -- HA! HA HA! -- I'm writing furiously.

Toni Morrison is making me her bitch tonight, and Absolut made me her bitch last night.

Seriously, that quote about only being afraid of losing your morals and your shoes... I LOST MY DAMN GOLD HEELS LAST NIGHT. (The morals? Gone long time ago.) I'm guessing they're somewhere at Matts, but the trick is finding them before the dog. For some reason I don't think Matt cares as much about the well-being of my shoes as I do, and doubt he has been scrambling to find them. I, however, can hardly sleep in the knowledge that my beautiful, gold, fucking expensive shoes may be serving as a chew toy right now.


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