Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Aughh, it's finals time. I've pretty much got my nose to the grindstone for the next two and a half weeks. Next week is SUPPOSED to be dead week, however I manage to have a meteorology lab quiz Tuesday, a twenty page fiction portfolio due Thursday and two papers and a presentation due Friday. How does that happen? The only thing dead about that week is going to be me.

Speaking of the presentation, it's for my advertising course in which we have gotten ONE grade back all year. Out of at least ten assignments. So basically I could have anywhere from an A+ to a 2%. It's things like that which prompted me to for the love of God get out of the advertising sequence now, run don't walk.

In other news, I finally decided it is NOT okay to gain 10 pounds in three months (damn you Amigos!) and decided to start dragging my lazy behind to the rec and maybe attempt to eat healthily. So, for snacks I've been consuming hefty amounts of popcorn. Because popcorn is healthy, right?

As my one of my sisters said tonight, not when it's dripping.

I bought the delicious, wonderful goodness that is Butter Lovers, and I kid you not, my hand was yellow by the time I was done inhaling the bag. Probably defeats the purpose of trying to eat healthy.


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