Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ahh, the joys of college.

YES! INDEED! I am drunk on a Monday! In my defense, it is the last evening 'fore everyone disperses for break, therefore making a night of drunkeness absolutely called for!

Granted, we must vacate the house by 5pm (I have class until 5:30) and I am yet to pack for the occasion and was planning on doing so tonight, but bah! Frat parties take greater importance!

However, whoever decided to supply pepsi as a mixer with bartons vodka should go to hell. At least give me some sort of fruit juice! God knows how quickly I had to choke down the pepsi/cheap shit vodka mixture.

It has been incredibly difficult to type this in a coherent fashion. Also, I take on flowery 18th century speak whilst intoxicated, no?


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