Thursday, November 20, 2008

My wonderful, wonderful dress

I. have found the perfect formal dress!

I'm quite excited about this, as I was beginning to lose hope. How I did scour the depths of the internet in desperate search of a decent dress for under $100.

But, alas! No luck.

So I borrowed the rolling garbage can Matt calls his truck to take a treck to the mall. Where I tried on lots of clothes. And came (once again) to the conclusion that college makes you fat. I had nearly given up hope when I decided to give Dillards a go. The Dillards in my home town is the definition of ghetto, so I didn't hold too much hope.

Who would've figured Lincoln, Nebraska had a three story Dillards? Anyways. I hunted through the petites and womens sections and found nothing, so as a last ditch effort I wandered over to the juniors section. A cursory glance turned up only the usual cheaply-made weird colored dresses that dominate the juniors section, but tucked away on the bottom of the wall was a cute strapless in THE MOST GORGEOUS green I have ever laid eyes on. I figured it would probably cost an arm and a leg, as most things I look at and go PERFECT do, but it was a reasonable $70!

So, duh, I bought it. And I will be the girl in the fabulous emerald green dress at Christmas formal.

Did I seriously just write this long of a blog post solely about a damn dress?


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