Sunday, November 16, 2008

I would like to announce...

Today is the first day in about a week I do not feel like throwing myself off the nearest cliff.

Which, for the record, would take a lot of effort, being that I go to school in Nebraska.

Nebraska? Is not so well known for the cliffs.

We had slating for sorority officer elections today. I'm pretty sure none of us are entirely certain what the purpose of slating is and why the hell do we have to take up two Sundays on election and seriously isn't voting once enough? It started at 1pm (approximately 50 minutes after I awakened. What? I'd been sick. I totally deserve to sleep in until noon, all the girls sleeping off Saturday night did too. And I didn't wake up with vomit in my moccasins. And yes someone did.) and we finally were sprung at 6pm. Since that was exactly what I wanted to do the first day I wasn't trying to climb out of my window and hurl myself off the roof just to get some God-forsaken relief from my sinuses of death.

But honestly, I was probably in a better mood for it than I normally would of been for the sole reason that I was actually feeling decent. Plus there were sandwiches. And I hit Ashley in the face with a ball of paper while she was facilitating (not purposefully), which was hilarious and enough to make me happy for a good hour.

Then male companion returned from his weekend of drunken debauchery in Kansas (Two things -- There was not seriously any debauchery. And that sentence is funny in and of itself. Oh Kansas.) But anyways. He came to take me over to his house either because he desperately missed me or because he desperately wanted to use my laptop power cord -- take your pick. But I did get to go to Raising Canes, which, if you've never been RUN. don't walk. to your nearest location and partake in the glorious chickeny-ness which is Raising Canes. Now I need to write a parody of the first chapter of Emma for English 200, but I'm preferring to transfer my creative energy to my blog. Which nobody reads.

Ahh, priorities.


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