Friday, November 28, 2008

Today, I was put in my place...

...and that place just happened to be the stadium toilet.

I must admit, I've become quite confident in my ability to drink copious amounts -- I do. not. throw up from drinking. ever.

Until today. I got screwed by the screwdrivers. I missed the AMAZING NU-CU game because I was too busy worshiping the porcelain gods/ taking a nap passing out ON A PUBLIC TOILET. I swear, the vodka made it a great idea at the time. Now, sober? It's just disgusting.

Matt and I then had to walk (or in my case, stumble.) the 3+ miles back to his house since we couldn't get the car out. (I obviously would not have been the one driving.) So since I was the reason Matt had to watch the second half of his last game as a student on TV, I told him he could leave me alone to go to the bars tonight.

Oh, I failed to mention...I had left my ticket in my sorority house, which is locked for break. So I had to jump through hoops to get my ticket, only to spend maybe five minutes in the stands.

Alcohol - 1
Jessica - 0.


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