Monday, November 24, 2008

The word library is making me all twitchy...

I have come to the conclusion that my university's library is designed specifically to make those of us in the humanities HEADS EXPLODE.

Granted, Nebraska is not so well known for their humanities and more for science based things, like agricultural science and nutrition. (By the way, the McRib? Totally invented at UNL. You're welcome.)

But anyways.Trying to find literary journals in that place is an all-day affair. Not to mention that the library is two separate building connected by a walkway, therefore, in order to getting to the literary criticism section in one basement, you must go into the other building, up to the second story, across the walkway, and down into the basement.

Of course, all copiers and computers are located in? You guessed it. The other building. So every time I needed to find another call number or make a copy of a periodical, I had to make the trek to the other building.

At least I get to write my paper on an interesting topic -- the use of the supernatural in Toni Morrison's Beloved.


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